Noah Gardenswartz

Ronit Avni

Humor – it's more than just a laughing matter for Noah Gardenswartz. As an up and coming stand-up comic, Noah has found a way to blend his witty and off the wall observations with his rich Jewish heritage to promote social responsibility.

Noah is originally from Denver, Colorado and lived in Atlanta, Georgia for ten years before moving to Brooklyn, New York in June 2013. He attended Emory University, where he studied Sociology, dabbled in varsity basketball and wrote for the school newspaper. Today, Noah works full time as a stand-up comedian.

Noah has traveled extensively to global Jewish communities with JDC Entwine, a JDC initiative which engages young adults in global Jewish issues through a continuum of opportunities based on service, leadership and education. Noah has traveled to Turkey, Latvia, Spain, Cuba, and Moscow with JDC.

Noah is also a member of JDC Entwine’s National Steering Committee.

Channeling his passion for JDC's humanitarian work, and his clever and hilarious reflections on life, Noah has since embarked on a Global Jewish Comedy Tour with Entwine, educating thousands of young adults about global Jewish communities through humor.

Noah is comfortable on any stage and his material covers a broad range of topics. From performing at comedy clubs, to non-profit events, to NBC's "Stand Up For Diversity," where Noah was named as a semi-finalist in 2012, Noah's routines keep his audiences engaged and roaring with laughter.


A Global Jewish Comedy Show