Mikey Pauker

Ronit Avni

How do you channel divine experience and Jewish mysticism to others? For Mikey Pauker, the answer did not stop at yoga or Torah and Chassidic text study (which he practices daily). Instead, Pauker chose to share his spiritual love and light with the world through music.

Spiritual musician Mikey Pauker has been breathing life into Jewish music for years. His music spans multiple genres including folk,pop, hip-hop electronica, and reggae, blending them into a beautiful uplifting, and unique sound. 

Pauker was named by ‘Time Magazine‘ as one of the top 10 stars of new Jewish Music, putting him in company with Craig Taubman Maccabeats, and Michelle Citrin.

On October 1st, Pauker released his debut full length, ‘Extraordinary Love,‘ through Shemspeed Records. His album is weaved together by Pauker's divine experiences with ancient texts that pulse through the artist's veins and enter listeners' hearts.  He released a video for the albums new single, “Top Of The World,” on December 19th with features on ‘Zimbio’ and ‘Examiner.’  A video for bonus track “Hinei Mah Tov (Eeoohh!)” was released in February, and was released on the RUACH 5773 compilation published by Transcontinental Music Publications.

Extraordinary Love's title track jumps right in with Pauker singing, "You're powerful, extraordinary love." It's a theme that returns with songs like the dreamy "Top of the World" and the reggae-enfaced "Plenty of Love," which features Jamaican dancehall artist Tj Di Hitmaker and Israeli-expat artist Lior Ben-Hur.

Pauker's beautiful melodies and unique lyrics convey his desire to connect people with their inner light. His words, "The light, the light, I feel you, I found the rhythm of your soul yes it beats too," from the song "The Light," feature ex-Hasidic, gay rapper Y-Love. The folk meets hip hop on this track, a musical illustration of Pauker's love that knows no boundaries.

This is a folk album that pop culture fiends will love. With hip hop producer Diwon (Y-Love, Bonhom, Dreams in Static) manning the wheels, the song rhythms and soundscapes layer electronic beats on a foundation of acoustic folk. 

Diwon is known to the US for his Middle Eastern samples and Baltimore club beats. Worldwide, he is famous for his remixes of pop acts like Lana Del Rey and The XX.

The album brings together elements of Bon Iver, the XX, Trevor Hall, The Civil Wars & Imagine Dragons creating a fusion that's both bumping and exalting.

Pauker has shared the stage with Trevor Hall, Matthew Santos, Matisyahu, Idan Raichel, and The Local Natives, among other artists. With captivating performances at SXSW, a prime time spot at Jacob's Ladder Festival in Israel, headlining the Steven Gottleib Music Festival, performing at Limmud International Conference in England, and at the 2013 URJ Biennial. Mikey Pauker is also the CEO and founder of Merkava Mentors, a mentorship for the creation and collaboration of modern jewish music. Pauker is making big waves that will only get bigger.


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