Kate Forester

Ronit Avni

As Repair the World’s Vice President for Finance and Operations, Kate Forester leads the team who creates systems and spreadsheets, managing functions as diverse as human resources and audit. Having been with the organization since it started, she looks forward to becoming the first Vice President of Engagement and Outreach at Repair the World in 2014.

Having grown up in Ithaca and attended Cornell University, Kate’s collegiate service-learning gave her the opportunity to paint her 8th grade French classroom. After college, Kate worked as a fundraiser in Seattle, where she planned events and quadrupled the staff campaign at an anti-poverty agency. As a lay leader, she helped start Jconnect Seattle’s monthly volunteering team, organized professional development conferences, and registered voters with the Statewide Poverty Action Network.

As a Professional Leaders Project Academic Fellow, Kate completed an MBA at Yale School of Management, where she counseled peers on non-profit career options through Net Impact. She came to Repair the World directly after joining the ROI class of 2009. Kate also serves as Board Chair of Challah for Hunger, practices yoga, and enjoys trail mix at any time of day.


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