Eric Elkins

Ronit Avni

Eric Elkins is a strategist, author, professional speaker, and CEO of, a Denver agency that specializes in using ePR and social media tactics for reputation management, sentiment tracking, and to create a constellation of reinforced messaging and brand experiences for small businesses, consumer brands, and global corporations.

Eric spent six years as youth content editor at the Denver Newspaper Agency, and served as co-founder and publisher of Bias Media, a multi-platform media engine, creating a model that combined a print magazine, a website, events, text messaging and email marketing to build an integrated online/real world community. He was New Media Practices Manager at Metzger Associates, a PR and venture strategies firm, and VP of Marketing at Mocapay, a mobile commerce company. He founded Corp in 2007.

Eric is a co-founder of E-3 Events at MACC, a Denver nonprofit producing arts and culture events for Jewish adults in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, and serves on the Mountain States board of the Jewish National Fund. Eric is also the Marketing and Social Media Chair for the JNFuture national board.

He blogs about being a single father at, and has written several books. His Twitter handle is @datingdad.


Breaking the Box: Multifaceted Jewish Identity